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24x7 Round-the-Clock Monitoring

24x7 Round-the-Clock monitoring checks your critical systems every five or fifteen minutes, at your option. Whenever it sniffs a problem, it sends an email or SMS alert showing the exact nature of the problem directly to Trellis so we can fix it fast and minimize your business disruption.

Reporting that keeps you informed

Reports provide you with a range of ways to keep you informed. From Daily Health Check reports that advise you of the condition of your systems each morning, to Weekly Health Reports that provide a one-page, once-per-week health analysis, to comprehensive Monthly Client Reports that show trends and highlight issues on a wide range of systems, you’ll be able to choose the way you’d like to be kept informed.

Client Portal that allows you to view the exact status of all your systems

The Client Portal is an easy way to view your IT network and its current status. You’ll be able to log in at our website – or even on your mobile phone – and see the issues that we’re working on at any given time.  You’ll see:

Workstation Health Checks

Workstation Monitoring means that you can rest assured that your PCs and laptops are in business-ready condition. Our proactive, preventative health checks test key components of the system each morning. We’ll be able to spot problems – almost always before they cause user downtime – and fix them fast so your employees can make the most of every day. Proactive Workstation Health Checks perform the following:

Workstation Monitoring means that you can be certain that your PCs and laptops are in business-ready condition.

Advanced Monitoring